About Score10

What to expect:

Score10 unites percussive and electric sound with contemporary dance in a collaborative live improvisational performance. In this exciting work, four professional dancers and their live musician challenge and support each other to react and interact to create an immediate composition with sound and movement.

The performers have a score of 10 rules and guidelines which they follow to compose, track the performance and relate to each other. These rules were devised through movement explorations, on going research into improvised performance and rehearsals.


In 2015, Hannah studied with improvisers Katie Duck, Nancy Stark Smith and Julyan Hamilton. These artists inspired her to research and direct live movement and music performance research by working with a group of dancers and a musician. A lot of the starting points for Score10 were inspired by Hannah’s work with these artists.

PICKETT IMPROV have been developing their ideas since 2016. They have previously shared their work at the Brighton Dance Network’s Scratch Night. BNHC and The Studio. The Old Market performance is the culmination of this ideas.

Artist, Julia Cunningham, has illustrated Score10’s movement scores into charcoal. The dancers use these concepts as starting points for their performance.



Score10’s premier is on Saturday 27th at The Old Market.