“Fascinating, Absorbing, Thought-provoking”

Reactions from our performance at the Double Bill: Bite Dance / PICKETT IMPROV

On 27 Jan, PICKETT IMPROV performed Score10 at The Old Market Theatre. Here are a few images and some feedback that we received from the performance. Photos by Sophie Newton.

“Score10 sets in motion a circular frequency that passes from Paxon’s percussion through the dancers and back, throwing up images and phrases that thrive on the very absence of narrative association to allow, when all goes well, for something organic to emerge between sound and movement.” – Nicholas Minns, Writing about Dance, Jan 18


“It’s a fascinating process to watch a five-way conversation made up of physical and spatial interventions and observations, nobody quite knows what the other is about to say nor how she is going to react” – Nicholas Minns, Writing about Dance, Jan 18


“Slick, Inspiring and Abstract” – Audience Member, Jan 18


“As an audience we enter this circulation of actions not so much by trying to figure out how much of the piece is improvised and how much is rehearsed, but rather by sharing the interactive flow of movement and sound.” – Nicholas Minns, Writing about Dance, Jan 18


“I loved watching the musician to see what he was going to do next…it was incredible to see how he was making all those sounds” – Audience Member, Jan 18


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