New Beginnings

PICKETT IMPROV are back in the studio. New and existing performers met each other this week through dance and music.

There is a new energy to the room as performers are introduced to the improvisation process. As a director, it brings up questions about refining where the work will go and if the piece is going to structured in the same way.

The highlight of the rehearsal was a simple score of walking. Dancers had one rule of only allowed to walk.

Try it yourself: Find a space. 5 mins score of only walking. Explore tempo, speed and directions. Share your feedback below.


Score10 so far…

Score10 is a improvisation performance performed by a collection of dancers and a musician directed by Hannah Pickett. Over the last year, the group have researched into creating improvisation performance and shared the work informally and in feedback settings.

In September 2016, Hannah formed and led a group of performers through a research process to compose Score10. As part of the process, Score10 was shared at the Brighton Dance Network Scratch Event in November 2016. The group performed a 10 minute improv piece and received feedback on the work. BDN church-2_LR

Following this, Score10 premiered in January 2017 at the Brighton Natural Health Centre. This performance was an informal 30 minute improvisation sharing to friends, family and improvisation enthusiasts.

Version 2 (9).jpg

After the performance, there was a sense that the project was not over therefore we created a music and dance workshop for outside participants to practise our process.

“A lovely, supportive atmosphere and a chance to move with others.”

2010-10-08 02_LR.jpg

“A very interesting exploration between sound and movement… Thank you Iain and Hannah”

In July PICKETT IMPROV was launched and the group performed at The Studio in Hanover, Brighton. This evening was a launch event to announce our Pilot Performance at The Old Market in January 2018.


PICKETT IMPROV are now back in the studio researching and composing. This blog will document the process leading up to our pilot performance.

Follow and share our journey.